Well what can i say!! after a few days of suffering Magor BOOK BLOCK i stumbled across an awesome series written by  Jeanne C.Stein “anna strong vampire chronicles”  the series of five stories.

BOOK#1 The Becoming : This  first book we are  introduced to “Anna Strong” a kick-butt bounty hunter  whose life is about to be turned upside down  by an untimely vampire attack. But Annas Strong WIll is about to shine through as she makes her transition from human to vampire and a world she only believed existed in farytales. An enthralling story jam packed with action and adventurios humour.  i couldnt put it down. 🙂

BOOK#2 : Blood Drive : In this second installement of Anna Strongs Vampire chronicles she is beginning to accept that she is a vampire and willing to learn how to be a good one. However when Anna Strongs involved nothing every seems to be an easy transaction for her or her fellow friends.

BOOK#3 The Watcher : sexy savvy and amazingly strong vampire Anna Strong Bounty Hunter Private invetigator fumbling her way from a life of change with twist and turns and loads of action this books will have you hooked. well worth a read.

BOOK#4 Legacy : Coming to terms with her current life changing events Anna Strong has come to a point were she must make decisions about her humanity and holding on to the people she loves, while continuing to hunt down criminals. But it is Anna’s strong savvy nature that enables her to prepare for any and all situations that may be put in her way.  recommend read to all.

BOOK#5 Retribution : Once again ” Anna Strong”   bounty hunter\Private investigator” finds herself stuck in the midst of a supernatural turmoil but this time her friends have been seriously involved and all this trouble from a witch, Serioulsy !!  this is making Anna Crazy as she only wants to live a peaceful life. Anna Strong is a fantastic character to follow shes a smart charming herione who you as a reader will grow to love. This series i have now put amongst my top five heriones and i would most definately recommend fellow bookworms to give them a read..you wont be disapointed. 🙂  nic xxx