well after yesterday’s mental breakdown!! i have come to realise that bad days have only to be brushed under the carpet.lol I mean come on i was having myself a melt down ion a pulic blog site how rediculous!!

So today ive been giving myself that severe kick up the the butt that i quiet rightly needed. The first thing i done this morning was to retrieve my journal and severly scald myself for being so pityfull.:) Then i went through my book collection with a fine tooth comb and rearranged my book shelves.

You see i start College tomorrow were im about to study for my Higher National Diploma in English Lit and Language, woohoo go me!!! This is a very important thing for me to be doing since ive been such a sad housewife for nearly 19years looking after my beatiful daughters(which i would never give up for anything in this world, im glad i got to see one of them grow into a beatiful intellegant clever girl whom is my life xx) As for my baby ellie i feel she may miss her mamma not being here at her every whim, However for me to be able and preserve a good and decent life for her to live and enjoy i have to get myself better educated so i may persue a great career that can offer her so much more than what i can at present. I dont feel as bad as i would have years ago as she is now in full time education so im stuck at home feeling sorry for myself.lol.

Anyway im back to reading a terrific bookn and will hopefully have a fantastic review to post for everyone first thing tomorrow….#lifesgood :)  well after yest….