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This is the first book in this [book:Frost Arch|13486868] trilogy Set in the future were the humans are slaves to the Mage’s #1 Frost Arch. With loveable characters such as avalon Redding, a fire mage who has run from her home in hopes to protect her human sister from discovery. Avalons journey soon takes a change as she is introduced to a different way of life. ‘FROST ARCH’  is a city of mages with its own rules and regulations, but this city of mages is simply not all it is seems! as Avalon discovers in the short introduction while settling into this new life, she does however meet new people and lifelong friends in JACK HER CO-WORKER and her pet fox, but trouble always seems to attract them to the higher authorities. Avalon and Jack take you on an adventure of self discover which will leave you glued to the page. I really enjoyed this light easy read and cant wait to read the next instillation in the trilogy.

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