For the past week i have tried so hard to complete my ENGLISH Lit assignment (not happening) gutted!!! not when everyone in the entire house has flu like sypmtoms and want constant mummy attention…pphheeww!!! Dont any of them get it I DO NOT FEEL WELL there i said it. :).

But yesterday by some sort of miracle my 7ry old mini monster who has been demanding me for a week! disappeared with friends for several hours. WOOHOO !! I can finally get some work done.

So i began my week long mission to at least attempt to get this work done, well ‘ ‘inbetween beecham and paracetamol breaks ‘ which in part did help 🙂 I can now proudly say that after a week of headaches, sore throats,temperatures, and drowsiness i have fullfilled half of my assignment. I have now mind mapped Tess durberfield and even managed to put in my reasonings. So all in all for being dam well ILL for this horrid week i have managed to get some work done.

Lets hope that with my 7yr old min monster back at school tomorrow  and a very good nights sleep i may even be able to make a start on Mr Alec D’Urberfield mindmap completed..

So finger crossed for a new week meaning no more flu. 🙂