classic, Thomas Hardy Finished this book at Long Last!! I found this to be a most Tragic story of LIFE LOVE Fate! Thomas Hardy leads you on a merry dance of counties works and an awfull lot of WHAT IF’S. But this to me has to be one of the ‘biggest Tragedies’ of them all. Full of hardships religious beliefs although so many dfferent ones depending on the counties and people involved from the poorest of classes to the upper of these so called classed societies.An extremely tragic love story with no happy ending or happiness for anyone individual character, i felt so sad reading these final chapters as every emotional misgiving seem to destroy my hearts belief in that happy ending and for such a good loving person to have such hardships in such a short life span has to be the most tragic book i have ever read

via Tess Durberfield (of the D’Urbervilles)!!.