Well the posts name says it all does it not!!! Yes i have been a very naughty gilr over he last two weekends.tut tut!

However i have recently taken up an addiction to any kind of latin dancing hhmmmm’ You see my problem was that for being a “NEWBIE” i took to it like a duck to bloody water who was simply hooked..lol I have to laugh because over the past week my music has been above anaverage level to which i have shaken my legs and bum all over this house which is hilarious.

But my problem now is i have fallen behind on my college work in which i promised i would do as its my 3year plan so..i have decided that tomorrow i have to catch up with what ever i can before tuesday, then untill i have at least managed to get my 1500 word essay submitted towards my work i will have to put my Brand New love of anything to do with latin dancing on HOLD 😦 😦