well tonight was dance rehearsal night and got to be honest and say the kids teams are lookin off the hook!! bangin it out ready for the WDO comp 28th October.

its a class of mainly girls with a few boys added into to the mix, they have five teams with  four of which are  in competitive street dance teams aging from 6 to 16 yrs there dance instructor Rhian the boss our all latin lover but all round amazing tiny dancer is absolutely fab with everyone of these kids and loves her job, you have vic the resident streetdance champ who can bang you out just about any move you want to learn and she does it . Then theres my daughter kodie who is a dance teacher in training and doing awesome but maybe im just biased.lol who cares!!

They have become like a family to me! well i personally get a kick out of dancing myself and although i may not be greatest i shall give it a go just because i can and because i love to do it, it makes me feel alive, it keeps me feeling young, and its the best therapy for destressing any crap that maybe rolling around my head.

I am always guaranteed to come home feeling funky fresh after a night at dancing and have recently taken a liking for the latin scene thanks to my wee pal Rhian who i hit the town with for a bit of dancing this is a place id be lost without, and wouldnt get to be the proud mummy of a 7yr old street dancer who when on stage makes me beam with such pride at what she is trying to accomplish.

This is my wee rant and rave about my dancing experience with a fantastic group of people and a fabulous dance school so hats off to you ladies for a job well done with all these awesome kids.