Tess of the D’U rbervilles –  Thomas Hardy

Hardy appears to set us up with his large earthy backgrounds and  with his larger than life colour and views for his day time settings of the story, but then uses these black ,hollow, evening and  night time suroundings  to bring theses incidents to tess like awaiting tragedies.

He also sets us us both with Alec and with Angel as showen to us the readers these characters are like complete contrasts of DARK and LIGHT or GOOD and EVIL, this is what i think Hardy wants the readers to believe. I believe Hardy has written this earthy innocent character whom us the readings must like because she is Pure and she is Innocent.

As you reads this book you begin to see through the what if’s, and actually look at the individual character for what they really are and despite wanting us to believe that this girl is of pure innocence we see that this young woman is full of pure natural strengh and spontieity, This however is the true tess the one we must uncover from beneath the beauty of the surroundings that hardy explores and we then see the seemingly fated incidents that happen throughout her everyday.

My first thought is the redbow in which tess is wearing during ” may dance” i really never thought of this untill i sat and reread this book, this is when it seemed to be such a significant moment to which Tess’s Life will take. Red signifies blood and death and this is  so significant throughout this entire book, it tells us of the disturbing distubances that her will destroy her life.