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Well this is the subject that has had me waking at night, i cannot seem to shut my brain down! the ideas are streaming in but what will i do? hmm well i could give a grand detailed written project of a horrible background and upbringing, will i? NAH

I love to read and write! but by by god i refuse to write something so depressingly true to life or something so close to home that even i wont be able to escape its realism. Reading for me is an escapism an adventure a way to forget about all the horrid things that happen outside in the real world.

Dont get me wrong i love to read up on whats happening around the world but i certainly dont want to  write a 750 word essay of it. So here it is im finally down to having to make my choice which will inspire me i will have to justify my choices and of course my genre, this is were the difficult bit begins.