This seems to have been a week when i have’nt had two mins to stop!! phew its saturday night which means i can sit here with the laptop on going through useless emails and watching cheesy tv….lol What an exciting life i lead eh?

Well tomoz ive got 3hrs of street dance practise with my little streetdance star ellie she has been training hard for the WDO street dance compitition on the 28th she has her team dance then duo and solo 🙂 i am so proud of her for working and trying so hard at something she thoroughly enjoys. GO NEL !!!

Ive also had my head in the books this week with plenty of study getting geared up for next weeks half term assignment which is my first written piece regarding our first book read ‘Tess of the D’Urberville’s’. Im feeling quietly confident about this to be honest as ive seriously done my homework, I love being back in education! its so different the second time around what with age and experience this has given me the confidence and appreciation of what i am there to do and learn. 🙂 GO ME !!!