the mini movers with Rhian,Vicky and ChuckWell today is dress rehearsal day for my little street dancer in prep for her next big dance competition this Sunday..woop woop :)This picture was taken at the UDO comp in Reading earlier this year of the mini movers with Rhian Vicky & chuck.

Im so excited i love watching her on the stage trying her little hardest to impress the judges she makes me so proud:) i would’nt be able to do i’d be like no chance are you ever going to get me up there !!! well maybe if i’d had few too many lol

But she has bags of confidence and enthusiasm and thats down to a fab dance school with the best dance teachers any little girl/boy  could ever ask for.

Rhian’s Dancer’s Best of luck for all the kids who are dancing on sunday teams,duo&solo’s….