Well on sunday i was such a proud mam my little ellie came 3rd in her under 8s solo at the WDO street dance competition and there team the Mini Movers came 2nd in the teams. It was a fantastic day with all the kids and there families celebrating taking home 40tropheys for there Dance School ” Rhian’s Dancer’s” with a halloween party afterwards..woop woop fab day

But guess what? 🙂 no rest for the poor kiddies as back to rehearsals on monday wednesday and sundays from now untill the 11 november for them all..yep thats right all these little stars are working hard getting ready for the UDO streetdance competition in Newport. Its been fantastic spending all this time watching them get better and improving each time. 🙂

However now i find myself with complete WET BRAIN when it comes to getting back to my studies..Aaaarrggg ive still got a 1500 word essay to submit next tuesday:( and im getting nowhere fast,  i think between dance classes and competitions ive managed to get about 500 words done and only 4days to complete…phew i think all this excitement has given me a weekend without sleep in order to catch up..:(