Last week was CRAZY!! between the halfterm holiday’s and dance comps ive had no time for anything other than my 7yr old which i wont complain to much about as i have sooo much fun with her..:) However this week its about getting back to normal and having a routine! yes thats right ROUTINE its not one of my favorite past times but is essential if i want to get everything done. lol

That sounds so funny coming from me the girl who has never had a routine in her life im a live for the moment kind of girl and find it so difficult to get myself sorted and organised, but this year ive had to make a few sacrifices and learn to organise myself a bit better especially when it comes to getting some sleep,I always said id get plenty of sleep when im dead but find that motto a no go when it comes to   maybe taking my head out from whatever book has my attention for a few hours to rest my weary eyes would be a good place to start…how im not blind or crazy i do not know as my idea of ROUTINE was to cram as many books into a week as possible.

I am a bookworm at heart and although the study is going really well i feel i am neglecting my favorite passion READ READ READ !! So now i have got to be a grown up about this and try to fit some easy peaceful reading time. So here we go trying too be  Yeah right not much chance of that when ive got English Lit to contend with as well as a 7yr old who has dance rehearsal and competitions to compete in but hey im a long time dead so its back to the norm for me… 🙂 sleep deprived and book in hand HAPPY DAYZ.