After completing Tess of the Durberville’s i have now to put all my hard work in to practise, by reading The Mayor of Casterbridge then working on how Hardy suggests that his Protagonists lives are determined by Fate.. Now i have realised that Hardy likes to recycle his characters and in doing so he must draw on certain parallel situations ie: Fate, Destiny, Social standards, etc.

Now Tess was not a difficult read but it was a bit repetitive in parts which did get annoying especially knowing that this was bound to be a tragic end for Tess.  The Mayor of Casterbridge seems to be an easier all round read with humour leaving me unsure of how this novel will end, and although Hardy uses the same parallel situations in each of these novels he also reminds us of the hypocrisy of such times, in which we the modern readers can still relate to even in todays society.