Not being in any kind of educational surroundings for almost 20years i have found that learning Thomas Hardy has been an extremely difficult subject, now dont get me wrong i have read both Tess of the d’Urbervilles and the Mayor of Casterbridge in which i have thoroughly enjoyed. This being due to the fact that a good tragic read never really interested me as i have always been an easy read kind of girl myself. But i now find myself wanting to dive into the more classical stories which are much more fascinating and intellectual reads.

However now i have to write an essay for my English Lit exam explaining how far Thomas Hardy suggests that his protagonist lives are determined by fate, with tess being my main body and the mayor of casterbridge being my second. This is my down fall i must confess as not writing any kind of essay for over 20years has put me at a slight disadvantage when it comes to putting what i have studied and what i want to write onto paper.  Now i have begun to write my thesis and after 265 words find myself lost for words which i must say is extremely frustrating, and when you have a 7yr old home from school with tonsilitis who wants to help…Aaaarrggg it just makes this a much more difficult a task. Now having a fresh train of thought is completely lost to me and i really dont know were i should begin again….Frustrated is not the word for how i feel towards this assignment i would honestly say at this point hopeless!!! 😦