So now we are coming up to the Christmas break and with my Hardy phase almost complete, we are beginning to look at the creative writing side of English Literature which i am so excited about ;). I mean its not often that you get to write what you want to and go into great detail, where someone is actually paying attention to what you have written now is it?

Anyway i was online lastnight looking for a good book, ( no let me rephrase that) i was looking for a GREAT book and Author someone who would inspire me and someone who would give me that creative kick!! the problem is that i found hundreds of books that i thoroughly enjoyed reading throughout the years that i got myself lost in the first chapters of so many of them. lol

As you can imagine i got myself caught up in the (Oh ive not read this book for years way of thinking and actually never found the one piece of literature that would just jump out at me with the inspiration and creativeness that i am looking for, so its back to the drawing board i must go!

Today however i went through my computer to see what literature i had there, as ive said many times i have loads of easy reads as that is the sort of book i enjoy mostly. But having read a few classics now find myself wanting NO craving!! the older more aspirational and classical stories to escape within, and what do i find in a folder long forgotten? Three of my most favourite teenage novels to date; The Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a mockingbird and The outsiders. I mean WOW why not return to my most cherished reads as a teenager to read and then to write a creative piece around.

Now i just have  the task of re-reading all three and deciding which one of these novels will inspire the adult in me to write an amazing creative piece…JOB DONE 🙂