well its been quite a hectic week, between the running about to make sure all my xmas shopping is done, the wrapping all the gifts, the xmas school parties, and of course our long awaited xmas dance show were all the kids get to show all the parents, grandparents and family what they have achieved throughout the year so all in all its been an extremely productive week 🙂

Today however i have had such a lazy relaxing day which has been well needed, and a wee break from college means that i get to indulge myself in some light reading over the holiday’s allowing me to catch up on all the latest novels in which i have so missed over the past few months of study and just before the last minute rush of food,kids and excitement really begins. So before i go and enjoy these festive holidays with my family and friends.

I would like to wish everyone A very Merry Christmas and All the Best for this New year ahead of us.