Up untill now i have thoroughly enjoyed being back at college and English Lit, the Hardy period was a real eye opener and brought me the greatest pleasure by teaching me the enjoyment of reading proper literature as well as my every day thrill of paranormal and light reads.

Then there was the creative writing aspect of my course in which i have to be honest and say was the most exciting part of English Lit yet, I had a great time putting my imagination to work in creating a piece that was acceptable for class and could ultimately help me achieve a great grade 🙂 However what i did not expect to fall short on was the commentary! justify my own work linking it to the stimulus text has been the most agravating and frustrating part of my studies to date.

I have never found a piece of writing so difficult in my entire life, and this is really starting to get on my nerves as i seem to get this wrong no matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to find an easy way in which to expand the analysis of my own work, all I want to do is throw this laptop through the window and be done with it as its beginning to drive me crazy……

Now i have until the end of halfterm to submit this and right now it seems to be impossible as i cant find the words which i need, so here is hoping I can achieve this without causing any serious damage to my poor laptop!