Im a 36yr old women with 2 beautiful daughters, ive been a full time mother since the age of nineteen and now think that its time for me to enter into this big wide world and find something for myself. I am a complete bookworm I LOVE TO READ!! i find books can take you away from the realism of life at times and allow you to use your imagination as an escapism to another place in time and place if thats what you want but my personal wish is to get my degree in English Literature which is why i have returned to college and then maybe if im smart enough my dream of teaching others about the love of reading and books will come true we will see how things go.:)

I love music all sorts from just about any era music makes my soul sing and if i could sing how i felt about the world and everything in it id be the biggest and best wanna be in the world. 😀  I also love to dance although i maybe getting a little older i do attend street dance classes and love them they make me feel alive and keep me fit so i guess i get two positives from shaking my booty……

However its my 2 beautiful girls who actually attend the dance school as dancers, Kodie my eldest daughter is a dance teacher in training at the dance school and is very good. maybe thats just a mothers biased opinion but hey who cares right! as well as training to be a dance instructor she is a successfull hairdresser and nail artist and i am so proud of what she has achieved for herself at the young age of 18yrs.

Then there is my baby girl ellie who is 7yrs old and now at school full time givingme the opportunity to return to education myself to ensure a better life and future for them both. She also attends the dance school and is at present getting ready for another major competition in which i am so proud of her self belief and confidence.

I have been so blessed in life to have been given such lovely kids that i feel i owe it to them and to myself to get out and get a life for myself now after so many years of being mummy at home. I have always written since i was a young girl, i kept diaries and journals and find it very theraputic to write down what you feel and how you feel , this is why i have began to use bloggers sites as of course times have changed and it is so much easier for me to connect with a bigger audience and tell them of everything that goes on around me as a fun loving crazy dancing mum who just loves to read and write.

I hope to meet new people and make new friends from all over the world through my blogs so please feel free to have a look and comment at anytime.


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