Learning Thomas Hardy part2!!

Not being in any kind of educational surroundings for almost 20years i have found that learning Thomas Hardy has been an extremely difficult subject, now dont get me wrong i have read both Tess of the d’Urbervilles and the Mayor of Casterbridge in which i have thoroughly enjoyed. This being due to the fact that a good tragic read never really interested me as i have always been an easy read kind of girl myself. But i now find myself wanting to dive into the more classical stories which are much more fascinating and intellectual reads.

However now i have to write an essay for my English Lit exam explaining how far Thomas Hardy suggests that his protagonist lives are determined by fate, with tess being my main body and the mayor of casterbridge being my second. This is my down fall i must confess as not writing any kind of essay for over 20years has put me at a slight disadvantage when it comes to putting what i have studied and what i want to write onto paper.  Now i have begun to write my thesis and after 265 words find myself lost for words which i must say is extremely frustrating, and when you have a 7yr old home from school with tonsilitis who wants to help…Aaaarrggg it just makes this a much more difficult a task. Now having a fresh train of thought is completely lost to me and i really dont know were i should begin again….Frustrated is not the word for how i feel towards this assignment i would honestly say at this point hopeless!!! 😦

Learning Thomas Hardy !!

After completing Tess of the Durberville’s i have now to put all my hard work in to practise, by reading The Mayor of Casterbridge then working on how Hardy suggests that his Protagonists lives are determined by Fate.. Now i have realised that Hardy likes to recycle his characters and in doing so he must draw on certain parallel situations ie: Fate, Destiny, Social standards, etc.

Now Tess was not a difficult read but it was a bit repetitive in parts which did get annoying especially knowing that this was bound to be a tragic end for Tess.  The Mayor of Casterbridge seems to be an easier all round read with humour leaving me unsure of how this novel will end, and although Hardy uses the same parallel situations in each of these novels he also reminds us of the hypocrisy of such times, in which we the modern readers can still relate to even in todays society.


back to norm!!

Last week was CRAZY!! between the halfterm holiday’s and dance comps ive had no time for anything other than my 7yr old which i wont complain to much about as i have sooo much fun with her..:) However this week its about getting back to normal and having a routine! yes thats right ROUTINE its not one of my favorite past times but is essential if i want to get everything done. lol

That sounds so funny coming from me the girl who has never had a routine in her life im a live for the moment kind of girl and find it so difficult to get myself sorted and organised, but this year ive had to make a few sacrifices and learn to organise myself a bit better especially when it comes to getting some sleep,I always said id get plenty of sleep when im dead but find that motto a no go when it comes to study..lol   maybe taking my head out from whatever book has my attention for a few hours to rest my weary eyes would be a good place to start…how im not blind or crazy i do not know as my idea of ROUTINE was to cram as many books into a week as possible.

I am a bookworm at heart and although the study is going really well i feel i am neglecting my favorite passion READ READ READ !! So now i have got to be a grown up about this and try to fit some easy peaceful reading time. So here we go trying too be sensible..lol  Yeah right not much chance of that when ive got English Lit to contend with as well as a 7yr old who has dance rehearsal and competitions to compete in but hey im a long time dead so its back to the norm for me… 🙂 sleep deprived and book in hand HAPPY DAYZ.

Crazy Week!!

Well on sunday i was such a proud mam my little ellie came 3rd in her under 8s solo at the WDO street dance competition and there team the Mini Movers came 2nd in the teams. It was a fantastic day with all the kids and there families celebrating taking home 40tropheys for there Dance School ” Rhian’s Dancer’s” with a halloween party afterwards..woop woop fab day

But guess what? 🙂 no rest for the poor kiddies as back to rehearsals on monday wednesday and sundays from now untill the 11 november for them all..yep thats right all these little stars are working hard getting ready for the UDO streetdance competition in Newport. Its been fantastic spending all this time watching them get better and improving each time. 🙂

However now i find myself with complete WET BRAIN when it comes to getting back to my studies..Aaaarrggg ive still got a 1500 word essay to submit next tuesday:( and im getting nowhere fast,  i think between dance classes and competitions ive managed to get about 500 words done and only 4days to complete…phew i think all this excitement has given me a weekend without sleep in order to catch up..:(

Mid Week Excitment!!

the mini movers with Rhian,Vicky and ChuckWell today is dress rehearsal day for my little street dancer in prep for her next big dance competition this Sunday..woop woop :)This picture was taken at the UDO comp in Reading earlier this year of the mini movers with Rhian Vicky & chuck.

Im so excited i love watching her on the stage trying her little hardest to impress the judges she makes me so proud:) i would’nt be able to do it.lol i’d be like no chance are you ever going to get me up there !!! well maybe if i’d had few too many lol

But she has bags of confidence and enthusiasm and thats down to a fab dance school with the best dance teachers any little girl/boy  could ever ask for.

Rhian’s Dancer’s Best of luck for all the kids who are dancing on sunday teams,duo&solo’s….

Here lies Death

Here Lies DeathHere Lies Death by Harlan Vaughn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This could be the end of the world as they know it! Kelsey Kes and April will take you through there personal journey’s and moral decisions as they come to terms with an occurance that left the entire world immortal. Will the world be able to live forever or will civilisation end in destruction.

Here Lies Death
A good read that will leave you thinking what if?

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busy bee!!

This seems to have been a week when i have’nt had two mins to stop!! phew its saturday night which means i can sit here with the laptop on going through useless emails and watching cheesy tv….lol What an exciting life i lead eh?

Well tomoz ive got 3hrs of street dance practise with my little streetdance star ellie she has been training hard for the WDO street dance compitition on the 28th she has her team dance then duo and solo 🙂 i am so proud of her for working and trying so hard at something she thoroughly enjoys. GO NEL !!!

Ive also had my head in the books this week with plenty of study getting geared up for next weeks half term assignment which is my first written piece regarding our first book read ‘Tess of the D’Urberville’s’. Im feeling quietly confident about this to be honest as ive seriously done my homework, I love being back in education! its so different the second time around what with age and experience this has given me the confidence and appreciation of what i am there to do and learn. 🙂 GO ME !!!

shifter’s surrender


Shifter's SurrenderShifter’s Surrender by Jennifer Dellerman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kaylie Gentry is Tess’s younger sister who know’s what she wants and has returned from college with two things on her mind. Firstly kaylie knows all about the shifter population and wants to learn more about them,she loves animals which is why she has taken a position at the animal and vetinary surgery. Oh and secondly kaylie has her heart set on snagging the towns Mayor and Pack master Dean who is one mean strong tuff as nails hard ass guy. Will kaylie be able to crawl under the hard exterior and win him over to become his lupa.Shifter’s Surrender great fun sexy read.

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