Im so glad to be back at college, back to what I love, English Literature 🙂 We had to pick which books would inspire us for our creative writing piece over the xmas holidays, and as I have said my choices were the Catcher in the Rye and The Outsiders, as these books were an escapism from reality for me as a teenager I thought why not go over the books that inspired me as a child and see what kind of inspiration I could find within them as an adult.

Well im so pleased to say that even I was a little surprised at how much reading these books again would inspire the writer within me, I attended dance class on wednesday night came home and it was like someone had just flipped that creative switch within me on, when I began typing I could not stop, funny that eh!! how something like a dance class can activate what I was begining to worry wasn’t there.

I had forgotten how much fun it could be, I just relaxed and let the words flow onto the page, and before I new it, there was one hundred words over what I needed 🙂 but this meant having to go over what was written and obviously take these one hundred words out, leaving me a little disheartend so rather than handing in a short story Ive realised I could use these extra words and make mine a larger piece of work, and now I have myself the first chapter of what could possibly be an on going piece of work for the future.

I am rather excited about this as at the start of the term I was begining to wonder if maybe i’d gotten myself into something that I wasn’t quite ready for, even although Ive kept notes and journals throughout the years jotting down everything, it was a big step for me to return to education as I never considered myself to be any good, all I new was I had a passion for reading and writing 🙂 now the lack of self confidence has been blown right out of the water leaving me wanting to study and educate myself more. I am really excited about the future now and my two beautiful daughters are proud of what there mum is achieving which leaves me with such a satisfied smile on my face everytime I pick up my notebook and get to work as i can achieve my dreams even as an adult. 🙂